AR World Rankings

AR WORLD Rankings are a ranking order of adventure racing teams from around the globe:

  • - A team’s WORLD Ranking Points is the sum of their FOUR best results over the previous TWO years (6 cycles).
  • - To be eligible a team must attend at least ONE Tier 1 event during this time.
  • - Points can be earned at Tier 1 and Tier 2* events (with a maximum of two Tier 2 races counting to a World Ranking).
  • - May include a team roster of up to SEVEN athletes.

Teams earn points from a standard points table based on their finish position. For example, a first-place team earns 1000 points regardless of the race. These are then weighted to reflect the different level of difficulty and competition (called Competition Status) at the different ARWS events. Their points are multiplied by the following:

Tier 1 Events
  • - AR World Championship (2.0x)
  • - ARWS Qualifier Series (1.0x)
  • - ARWS Demonstration Race (0.5x)

Tier 2 Events
  • - ARWS Regional Championship (1.0x)
  • - ARWS Regional Circuit Round (0.5x)

AR World and Regional Rankings are calculated and released on a rolling cycle three times per year. A ranked team maintains their AR World and/or Regional Ranking for the duration of that ranking cycle. At the end of a cycle, rankings are re-calculated using the results of the current cycle, and dropping results from the expiring cycle, and the new AR World and Regional Rankings are released.

Each year there are three cycles which includes races in December/January/February/March, then April/May/June/July, and finally August/September/October/November.

For frequently asked questions on the AR World Rankings please visit the FAQ page



Current AR World Rankings cycle detailed data including all ranked teams -  AR WORLD Series Rankings Start Cycle 33

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