ARWC – The Race


The Adventure Racing World Championship will take teams on an epic non-stop journey of 600+km in the disciplines of trek/run, mountain bike, kayaking/ packraft, roping, and navigation.  Winning team is expected to finish the course in approximately 4-5 days and remaining teams are permitted up to 8 days to complete the course.


Teams of four athletes including both male and female members will push themselves to the ultimate limits of human endurance at the AR World Championship.  All team members complete all sections of the course and they must not be separated by more than 100m.  All teams race on the same course and in the spirit of adventure racing the roster includes both elite teams and teams whose ultimate goal is to just reach the finish line. Teams with a sum of ages of 190 or greater qualify for the Masters Category. Teams with a sum of ages of 110 or less qualify for the Youth Category.  All other teams compete in the Open Category.


3 hours before the actual race start, teams enter a “Lock Down”. They are then given the detailed course maps and notes revealing for the first time exactly where the expedition will take them. For fairness teams must remain in the Lock Down area until the race start and are prohibited access to the internet, phones, tablets etc. Any additional non racing bags may be left at the Lock Down and will be stored while a team is racing and returned to them at the finish line.


Teams will carry tracking devices throughout and are visible to spectators through the live race website.


The Championship will use the Standard ARWS Mandatory Equipment List –


The Championship will be adjudicated by an official AR World Series Referee and use the AR World Series Rules of Competition –